Ever thought about working with your spouse? Becoming an unstoppable creative team who finishes each others sandwiches? Hear from Holly and David Hepburn who have done just that. 
In this episode we chat with the happy couple who walk us through what got them to where they are today, working together crafting videos that engage and ignite action.

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Episode hosts – Adam, Cameron, Shawn


In this episode we chat with Nick Thomas about everything cinematography. We gain insight on career progression, running a production boutique, changes in the industry, networking, the influence of social media, and of course…gear! 
Nick is an award-winning Director of Photography with over 15 years experience working in the film and television industry. Nick has worked on a wide variety of productions which have aired on ABC, NBC, CBC, Global, CTV, HBO, ESPN, MTV, The Discovery Channel, and The Movie Network.
Some of Nick’s commercial clients have includ 3M, Siemens, Mercedes Benz, McDonald’s, Volkswagen, Shaw, Bell, Telus, Rogers, TED, Herschel, Molson Canadian, and Heineken.
Director of Photography & Camera Operator in Feature Films, Television Series, Short Films, Commercials, Music Videos, and Documentaries. Experienced with the latest 8K, 6K, 4K, 2K & HD camera systems from Arri, Canon, Red, Panasonic, and Sony.
He is ridiculously talented with a tonne of valuable tips and industry experience, you should probably listen in!




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Episode hosts – Grant, Adam, Shawn, and Cameron


We interview April Simpson, a.k.a. Producer Girl. April has more than 15 years of Broadcast Experience and she shares some of her insights on how the role has evolved over the years.

April also chats about how she took a break from the Producer world to start her family and how she got back into the thick of it a few years later.

2017 Fork U Reel

Star Watch Promo Reel (2012)

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Episode hosts – Adam, Shawn, and Cameron


Lee Herbet creates high end corporate films and runs workshops on how to create and edit video, around the world. In this interview Lee speaks about how he made a flip in his career, changing his primary focus of video production training to instead focus on video production itself, while still keeping training as a service he can provide.

Lee also speaks to what it was like getting started, particularly building up his network of clients and collaborators from the ground up.

Eview Testimonial for PropertyTree

BrakesPlus Promo

Atomos Shogun Review

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Episode hosts – Adam, Grant, Shawn, and Cameron


Adam is thinking of selling all of his Nikon and Sony gear and going full on Canon, for both photo and video. Grant wants to get out of the Adobe subscription ecosystem and is looking into other options such as Resolve, FCPX, Affinity, and Phase One.


Not a lot of show notes for this episode. However that may change if any of the big switch-a-roos talked about in this episode come to fruition. So check back and look for any updates, will mention so on future episodes.

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Episode hosts – Adam, Cameron, Grant, and Shawn.


Matt is a freelance cinematographer based out of Denver, CO. Matt graduated in 2009 with a degree in Digital Cinema, and has been working professionally in the field ever since. For the last 5 years Matt has been traveling the globe 180+ days a year with the award winning tv show “Uncharted”. Directing and shooting the show has brought him to an astounding 28 countries on 6 continents and counting.  Matt is of particular interest to us because he travels everywhere with his 6k Red Camera in all types of unpredictable scenarios ranging from bad whether to dealing with sketchy situations from all walks of human and animal life.

Matt is an an extremely passionate and dedicated individual who thrives in a fast paced, unpredictable environment. Whether filming big mountain skiing in Alaska, big game hunting in the backcountry, or covering the action sports scene in Colorado, he feels most in his element shooting people doing what they love in the beautiful outdoors. 

Website | Instagram | 500px | Vimeo | Facebook

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Episode hosts – Adam, Cameron, Grant, and Shawn.


Helping us out last minute we interview Einar Johnson of Pixel Bokeh. We chat about how following one dream can lead to another and back again, 360 video, and a little bit of FCPX 10.4.

Einar’s career in professional video production began in the 90’s shooting and editing for local news channels. In 2000 he moved to the UK and continued his career in Glasgow and London, working to create promotional videos for one of the worlds largest technology institutes with 56 locations globally. In 2011 he co-founded Pixel Bokeh Productions with his wife Antonella, and returned back to the Seattle area.



Website PixelBokeh.com

Twitter @PixelBokeh

Instagram @Pixel_Bokeh

Facebook Pixel Bokeh Productions 

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Episode hosts – Adam, Cameron, Shawn

We chat with Stock Footage/Photo site Dissolve to learn more about their services, including their unique Liftoff Program. 

In the 2nd half of the show we chat with one of Dissolves most successful contributors, Vinnie Van Wyk. Vinnie shares his insights on generating stock media and how to focus on continually creating content that sells.

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Episode hosts – Adam, Grant, Shawn, Cameron

FilmConvert is a simple, pro-level colour grading tool that adds adaptive film emulation and grain to your digital footage. Used as a standalone app or as a plugin for all of the major NLEs FilmConvert makes it easy to create a near real film look for your footage and does so without bogging down your editing software. 

In this episode we interview John and Sam from the FilmConvert team and they take us through the why of FilmConvert creation, how it can be used, and give us a sneak peek at their upcoming new software called CineMatch. 
Head over to FilmConvert and use our promo code LensWhacked to save 10%

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Episode hosts – Adam, Grant, Shawn, Cameron