We chat with Stock Footage/Photo site Dissolve to learn more about their services, including their unique Liftoff Program. 

In the 2nd half of the show we chat with one of Dissolves most successful contributors, Vinnie Van Wyk. Vinnie shares his insights on generating stock media and how to focus on continually creating content that sells.

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Episode hosts – Adam, Grant, Shawn, Cameron

FilmConvert is a simple, pro-level colour grading tool that adds adaptive film emulation and grain to your digital footage. Used as a standalone app or as a plugin for all of the major NLEs FilmConvert makes it easy to create a near real film look for your footage and does so without bogging down your editing software. 

In this episode we interview John and Sam from the FilmConvert team and they take us through the why of FilmConvert creation, how it can be used, and give us a sneak peek at their upcoming new software called CineMatch. 
Head over to FilmConvert and use our promo code LensWhacked to save 10%

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Episode hosts – Adam, Grant, Shawn, Cameron

Dax Justin: photographer, outdoor adventurer, and destination storyteller.

In this episode Dax shares his insights on social networking, mobile photography, getting travel gigs, and how these trips can really bring out something unexpected.



Twitter: @DaxJustin

Instagram: @DaxJustin

LinkedIn: Dax Justin

Facebook: Dax Justin

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Episode hosts – Shawn, Adam, and Cameron

This Shortasode references Episode #4 – Just the Travel Tips

We chat with Anick, a manger of the Carnet Program at the Chamber of Commerce of Canada, who helps provide more information on the Carnet, what it is, who it’s for and how to apply.

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Episode hosts – Adam

Grant and Adam have a lovely chat with Erik Naso, best known for his contributions to high quality gear reviews and his work in broadcast.

Updates from the hosts include Shawn’s first day at his new job, Cameron’s first day as Shawn, Adam’s and Cameron’s work on the Southcentre gig now completed, and Grant spending all of his money on his dreams like a sucker.

Erik’s Links:




Twitter: @ErikNaso

Facebook: @ErikNaso.DP

Instagram: @EirkNaso

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Episode hosts – Adam, Grant, Shawn, and Cameron.


The gang chats about their travel experience and share some of their learnings along the way. Also Shawn’s got a new job and Cameron quits his to go full-time freelance.

Below are some of the travel videos we mention in this episode.

Life's a beach 365 days of the year in Antigua & Barbuda

Intro to WestJet Technical Operations a.k.a. TechOps

WestJet Hero Holiday: Life-changing impact

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Episode hosts – Adam, Grant, Shawn, and Cameron.


The whole gang is back together to hear more about Shawn’s production trip to The Yukon, filming for renowned hunter Jim Shockey. We talk gear, the isolated environment, and what it takes to get the job done when so far from civilization. We also hear from Cameron and how his trip went down in Seattle for the WestJet Social Media team.

Below are some of the videos Shawn has helped produce for Jim Shockey as well as some of the photos he’s captured during his Yukon adventures:

The Yukon: Home is Where You Are

Footage and drone footage by Shawn Wagar. Additional footage and edit by Jesse Reardon

Book Your Hunt From Jim Shockey

Shot and edited by Shawn Wagar.

Havalon Evolve Jim Shockey Signature Series

Shot and edited by Shawn Wagar.

Photos from northern Yukon by Shawn Wagar

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Episode hosts – Adam, Grant, Shawn, and Cameron.


We chat with Chris and Jordan from The Camera Store TV, a world renowned Youtube channel that focuses on photography and video production gear reviews. Host Chris Niccolls and director/cameraman Jordan Drake are dedicated to bringing you the latest info on Photography and Videography.

Chris and Jordon give a brief history on their experience in media making and let us know what it takes to produce their show. They also let us know how they’ll be part of the Lens Whackers Podcast on future episodes, providing short reviews and updates on some gear that may otherwise not be featured on The Camera Store TV.

Check out their super successful Youtube channel and some of the videos mentioned in this episode below:


Battle At F-Stop Ridge

Sony NEX-3 & NEX-5 Hands-On

Olympus PEN-F Hands-On Field Test

The Mirrorless Party

Nikon D850 Hands-On Field Test (In Bend, Oregon)

The Camera Store Tour

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Episode hosts – Adam, Grant, and Cameron.