Adam and Shawn speak with co-host Grant Cooper about his recent experience as Director of Photography on the indie feature film, Circle of Steel, Directed by Gillian McKercher. Grant stutters his way through what seems to be a very emotional and transformational period of his life, being sure to nerd out about gear along the way. Grant would like to thank Kino Sum Productions and the entire crew of Circle of Steel for an amazing opportunity and experience that is sure to lead him to continued creative growth.

Kino Sum Productions

a multi-genre film team that values originality in all of its expressions. | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | IMDB

Pre-Production Behind the Scenes Photos
Production Behind the Scenes Photos
C200 Frame Grabs

Music provided by Soundstripe

Into Song – Once More, by Caleb Etheridge

Outro Song – Bill, by Mike Arnoult


Episode hosts – Adam, Grant, and Shawn.


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